Month: December 2013

Volunteer Experience with HAF

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HAF Volunteer Layla shares her volunteer experience…
My experience in Ghana had been really great. Now that I’ve been here for three weeks I feel like I can do whatever I want and go wherever I want with no fear. Michael had helped me a lot in this process, teaching me how to spend a normal day here in Ghana and let me see how is his life or the lives of all the people here. Ghana is an amazing country with a nice culture and the people are always friendly and gently. Is true that is really different of my own culture and society, but it’s lovely to live your days like a Ghanaian person.
HAF staff had always took care of me, they got me a phone and an internet USB and making everything easier for me. HAF coordinator Michael was always there if I needed him. He called me always like twice in a day, at morning and at night to see how was I and how was my day and I’ve seen him almost every day.In the orphanage I’ve lived one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. All the children are polite and lovely and the love to play with us, the volunteers. I loved to go to the school and see them learning and help them whenever I could. I’ve also learned some songs they sang and enjoyed with them and the teacher. Then, back to the orphanage, I loved to see them eat and share everything like a real family. I am sad I have to go home.I met some people here, other volunteers, and with theme I lived more the Ghanaian experience. I’ve been out in the night or I’ve gone to the beach. That’s how I’ve seen how gently are the Ghanaian people, just because they treated us really nice and they took care of us.I’ve really splendid three weeks here like if I lived here, and I loved it. It is a great experience I recommend to everybody.
Layla Ojeda (Spain)
Project – Orphanage/Childcare
Program Date: August 2013